Four Emergent Forms: Visual Improvisation   Information
  These four volumes represent an exchange between choreographer Susan Sgorbati and book artist Thorsten Dennerline, using Sgorbati’s concept of “Emergent Forms” as their point of departure. “Emergent Forms” grew out of Sgorbati’s study of the spontaneous composition of form in complex systems. Elements of order and interaction create recognizable patterns in these systems, but they remain dynamic, engendering differentiations that inuence and modify the form. This phenomenon – the creation of order from a rich array of self-organizing interactions – is found not only in dance and music; indeed, it is present throughout the natural world. This project consists of four emergent forms (Pattern, Memory, Landscape, and Dream), each represented by a “volume”, a unique print/object. The texture, color and gesture of each form on paper emerged through the process of collaborative dialogue, reminiscent of a shared choreography. Each volume is not only a documentation of this dialogue, but also an interactive visualization of these emergent forms.

COLOPHON Pattern Letterpress on Mohawk Superne paper Printing: Arthur Larson at Horton Tank Graphics Trimming: Daniel Keleher at Wild Carrot Letterpress Memory Woodcut and letterpress on Saint Armand handmade paper Printing: Thorsten Dennerline, assisted by Michael Smoot, and letterpress by Arthur Larson at Horton Tank Graphics Landscape Stone lithography on Usuyou Gampi Natural paper and Kozo Thick paper Printing: Thorsten Dennerline, assisted by Duncan Bullen Dream Polymer letterpress on Usuyou Gampi Natural paper and letterpress on Shikoku Surface Gampi White paper Printing: Thorsten Dennerline Box CNC Fabrication: Michael Stradley Binding: Mark Tomlinson Thank You Amie Jo McClellan

(Contains four books: Pattern, Memory, Landscape, Dream) Artists: Susan Sgorbati and Thorsten Dennerline Medium: Four books: Letterpress, woodblock, stone lithography, CNC milled wooden box Dimensions: Box, 244x390 mm (9.5x15.5 inches) Books inside box: Pattern, 78x152mm Memory, 206 x151mm Landscape, 214x94 mm Dream, 151X305 mm Edition: 30, plus extra individual copies