A Cloud in Trousers   Medium and Size
  The Bird Press is pleased to announce its 14th publication, a collaboration with text by Michael Dumanis and images by Thorsten Dennerline. The book features a new translation of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s A Cloud in Trousers.  The project began with lithographs inspired by the incredible intensity of Mayakovsky’s work, life, and historical moment. The images evolved and morphed through the project: gestural drawing marks reflecting the idea of a “monster artist” eventually became bodies, less monstrous but more mortal and vulnerable. Michael Dumanis juxtaposed the images with his new translation of the prologue and first part of Mayakovsky's celebrated poem. The translation focuses on preserving Mayakovsky’s rhythm and musicality, guiding it toward something smooth, accessible and idiomatically modern.  The imagery in the book represents printing over 16 layers of color lithography using plates made from hand-drawn film. The text was printed using letterpress plates, creating a contrast to the lithographic flatness. Each book has a Saint Armand handmade paper cover, as well as a printed, paper wrapper.  

Artists: Images by Thorsten Dennerline Year: 2016 Medium: Book: Plate Lithography and Letterpress Size: Closed, 8.5 by 7 inches (180 by 222 mm) Edition: 38 All images printed by the artist. Letterpress printing by Arthur Larson at Horton Tank Graphics, Hadley, MA.