The Wind   Medium and Size
  This book is a collaborative project with text by Mark Wunderlich and imagery by Thorsten Dennerline. In order to create an element of unpredictability, as well as a sense of improvisation and openness to the artistic process, each artist worked from the same series of folded photographs without knowing exactly what the other would do. In the final step the text, images, and photographs were combined to produce the book.  

Artists: Images by Thorsten Dennerline, Text by Mark Wunderlich Medium: Book: Plate Lithography, Stone Lithography, Intaglio, Letterpress, on handmade paper Size: Closed: 7 by 5.5 inches (174 by 142 mm) Open: 14 to 210 by 5.5 inches (348mm to 4524 mm by 142mm) Date: 2014 Edition: 30 All printing by the artist, except the letterpress, which is by Daniel Keleher at Wild Carrot Letterpress and Arthur Larson at Horton Tank Graphics, Hadley, MA.