Læsø   Medium

These paintings were created in the summer of 2011 during an artist’s residency in the restored studio of painter Asger Jorn. This was not only a great opportunity to work in a new studio, but also personally meaningful as Asger Jorn was my grandfather. He had built this studio on the isolated island of Læsø, located in Kattegat, the body of water between Denmark and Sweden, in order to address his need for “arbejdsro” or “work peace”; I knew that Læsø would also provide me the quiet and contemplative time I needed to concentrate on a new series of works. What I was really curious about, however, was what kind of energy I could extract from my grandfather’s work space.
In the short time I was there I produced 11 paintings, 31 pencil drawings and four silver point drawings. All of the pieces were a direct response to my feelings and experiences there.
The resulting paintings are detailed within.
I wish to especially thank Galleri Tom Christoffersen for granting me this residency.

  created at Asger Jorns former studio, Læsø Denmark) Acrylic and archival pigment printing on panels, sizes variable 10x6 in (25x16 cm) to 13x11 in (33x29 cm), 2011